Publish Your ICOMM 2013 Paper in the Open Access Repository

The International Institution of MicroManufacturing (I2M2) has created a directory for ICOMM 2013 papers in the University of Wisconsin’s Open Access Repository.

Link to ICOMM 2013 open access repository:

You have the option of submitting your ICOMM 2013 paper(s) to this open access repository: papers will not be automatically placed in this repository. Having your paper(s) in this open access repository has the following benefits:

  • You (the authors) retain the copyright to your work
    • I.e., you can still submit your work to a journal
  • Fast dissemination of the work worldwide
  • The repository is full-text searchable
  • The repository is indexed by Google, Google Scholar, and other specialty academic search engines
  • The repository creates permanent, unbreakable URLs
    • I.e., you can link to your ICOMM 2013 paper(s) from your personal website, CV, etc.
  • Safe long-term archiving

If you wish to include your ICOMM 2013 paper(s) in the Open Access Repository then fill out the ICOMM2013_Open_Access_Repository_Submission_Form.pdf that can be found at the following link:

Submission Form

E-mail your completed form to and include “ICOMM 2013” in the Subject. You do not need to attach the PDF or Word copy of your ICOMM 2013 paper.